Vibrations, shocks, and noise adversely affect human health, machine operation, and production processes. Vibrations are present in all environments where operating machines and vehicles of all kinds are active; they are also of natural origin when caused by seismic phenomena. Shocks are perturbations caused by moving masses whose acceleration develops and decays in a very short time.

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Rubber Slabs


Polyurethane mats provide effective protection against vibrations and shock. These high-tech PUR elastomers can be used as a full surface, point, or strip bearings between the structural components matching the relative component geometry or as tailor-made molded parts. We can offer you 13 standard materials in many thicknesses. Antivibration PUs offer very high damping properties and long-lasting service life without any performance decay through time. Our team of highly qualified employees will support you or will draw up individual solutions after detailed analysis.

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Rubber mats

Lastre Stabren

STABREN INDUSTRIA rubber mats, as result of research and experimentation, are used for the isolation and damping of vibrations and structure-borne noise. They have absolutely innovative features, superior to all the apparently similar products on the market. They consist of three overlapping pads (200 x 200mm) that fit together through appropriate sinusoidal shapes. The external surface of the pads has a numerous series of trapezoidal protrusions in various directions which have the function of ensuring the necessary adherence and horizontal stability of the foot of the suspended mass. Fields of employment: mechanical, textile, construction and metrology industry.  

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Stabren mesure pads

Stabren Mesure Kit

STABREN MESURE pads are used for isolation and damping of vibrations and noise that can be transmitted by solid elastic connections. They have absolutely innovative features, completely special and superior to all the apparently similar products on the market. They consist of two plates (80 x 80mm) that fit together according to perfect sinusoidal profile grooves. The flat surface of the lower plate has a series of trapezoidal protrusions. The upper plate has a centering edging on two sides, to ensure correct positioning of the foot of the mass to be insulated. Fields of use: isolation of laboratory and metrology instruments; precision apparatus; domestic washing machines and chillers.

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Dalmix slabs

Dalmix Slabs

DALMIX mats are composed of an agglomerate of elastomeric granules different for types and hardness. They support loads from a minimum of 200 kg, up to a few tons. They are covered with a layer of abrasion-resistant polyurethane rubber. They do not require fixing, and are very competitive in price.

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Mini stab

Ministab Kit

MiniSTAB kit works on the principle of STABREN Industria mats. These pads are small and have limited loading range. Each pad consists of two symmetrical plates that fit together according to sinusoidal section grooves; the plates have diagonal protrusion projections on the outer side, and can be freely installed, without any type of fixing. Used for: active and passive isolation of small devices; metrology, electronic scales, microscopes, laser readers, computers, loudspeakers, printers.

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Rubber mats


Gummimetall® GS rubber-cork pads are used for insulating purposes in a variety of industrial applications. The insulating pads consist of a high-grade compound of nitrile rubber and cork particles. This composite allows for excellent sound and vibration insulation. It should be noted that these insulating pads have a minimum setting behavior and an almost unlimited life span. Machinery can be insulated in a geometrically exact and stable manner for many years. Another advantage of these rubber-cork pads is their high resistance to lubricants and cooling emulsions. The pads can be cut to any size easily and quickly, so they can be used for clean and non-anchored bedding.

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Core-slotted slabs

Core Slotted Slabs

Gummimetall® Core-slotted-slabs allow for excellent sound and vibration insulation with a variety of industrial applications. This design results in a very high and constant sound and vibration insulation over many years. The insulating plates can be adapted easily and quickly to individual requirements. They can be laid for full-area purposes, or just at certain points, using one or multiple layers – or any combination thereof. This way, a perfect bedding can be achieved. The core-slabs also come as solid plates for specific types of surface compression.

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Profiled mats

Profiled Mats

Gummimetall® Profiled mats provide effective protection from vibration and sound. In manufacturing the mats, nitrile rubber is used. This way, a high degree of resistance to lubricants and solvents can be achieved. The profiled mats guarantee a clean, skid-proof, and non-anchored setup of machinery and aggregates. The insulating plates are available in the following designs: Nap-type form: on one side or both, with or without steel reinforcement. Rib-type form: Lengthwise ribs and transverse ribs, on one side or both in various combinations, with or without steel reinforcement.

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