Compressed air spring

Compressed air spring, a component of the secondary suspension system which, by exploiting the compressibility of air, isolates the bogie frame from the overlying rolling stock structure.
It includes, among other things, an additional spring and a safety spring to ensure correct operation in the event of accidental deflation of the balloon.

Rail Type D

Gummimetall® rails, already cut, are used for the bedding of heavy-duty and extra-heavy-duty machinery and equipment. This is made possible thanks to a high degree of flexibility with regard both to the available dimensions and the steel plates on both sides (with or without edges).

Multilayer Springs

Gummimetall® Multilayer springs are damping elements for many different applications. Their different metals have been firmly bonded by way of vulcanized Elastomer layers.

Multilayer springs are especially ideal for absorbing large pressure loads. These springs are used, for example, in lorries, trucks, buses, railway vehicles, coal mining and concrete machines. It is possible to protect multilayer springs against sudden tensile loads by making them tear-proof – by fitting them with chain links, firmly integrated by means of vulcanization.

Compound Springs

Gummimetall® Compound springs can be used in many different ways for the purpose of active and passive structure-borne noise and vibration insulation. These parts can withstand high-pressure loads. They can be used, for example, as center bearings or as bearings for jolters and sifting machinery.

Roller Spring

Gummimetall® Roller-springs are vibration-damping elements consisting of a rubber ring, a tapering metal pin and a metal housing. Their metal parts and the rubber ring are not bonded together by vulcanisation.

Roller-springs are used for damping vibrations in rail vehicles. The characteristics of roller-springs can be varied as required, within their permissible capacity.

Cone Spring

Gummimetall® Cone springs are used in body manufacturing for the bedding and suspension of the engine in the chassis frame. Being vibration insulators and dampers, cone springs allow for relatively considerable spring excursion and have a progressive, characteristic curve. Buffers also help to absorb shock loads without causing irreparable damage to the part.

If different degrees of stiffness are required in X and Y directions, use models with kidney-shaped recesses.

Rubber blocks

Gummimetall® Rubber blocks are used for structure-borne noise insulation, for example in wheels of rail vehicles, funicular railways or bearings of roller tables. They have vibration-insulating as well as shock-absorbing characteristics, which, referring to use in LRV-wheels, lead to a decrease in the level of noise and an improvement in passenger comfort. A further advantage of using rubber blocks lies in the increased life span of the chassis, since, compared to rigid bearings, there is a reduction of shock loads and a decrease in abrasive wear and tear.

Spherical ball joints

Gummimetall® Spherical ball joints are structural elements whose inner ball is firmly connected to the outer metal by means of a vulcanized elastomer layer. Such joints are designed for multi-directional torsional loads and, thus, ideal as vibration-technological components for joints and connecting rods. One advantage is the fact that all movements can be achieved without any lubricants. the spherical ball joints can be made up of an inner pin / through-hole as well as of an outer socket consisting of one or several segments.

Spring washers series DE

Gummimetall® Spring washers consist of an inner and an outer metal ring, which are held together by means of a layer of elastomer firmly vulcanized into the gap. They are suitable for use in torque converter bearings, for buffering pendulum supports, leaf spring ends, as well as for tension and shock devices.

MF Isolators

The MF Gummimetall® isolators are mechanically very compact, without vulcanized adhesion between the rubber and the metal parts. They bear mild loads in all axial directions x, y and z.

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