Elastomer/Fabric Rotary Seals with low friction properties, and high abrasion resistance to give long service life.

Shaft repair sleeves

These bushings are metal sleeves used to replace the worn shaft counter face in rotary radial seals applications.
The bushings are inserted onto shafts to repair the rotary seal worn counterface. They are a quick and cost-effective in comparison to the often expensive replacement or rework of the shaft. These bushings can also be used to eliminate shaft surface treatment. They have a thin thickness that does not require to change the seal size. The perfectly ground surface guarantees a long service life.


Single “slim” diaphragm unidirectional radial shaft seal.
FDA/EU executions.
Technical data:
Speed <32 m/s;
Pressure <1,5Mpa;
Temperature -50°C + 200°C.


Guide and Wear Rings in PTFE/Compounds or Composites for linear, rotary and roto-sliding movements. FDA/EU executions:

Technical data:

Speed ≤ 15m/s

Temperature -60°C + 200°C

Static load > 100N/mm²


Packing gland in vegetable, synthetic and graphite yarns for any rotating use. FDA/EU executions.

Technical data:

Speed ≤ 30m/s;

Pressure ≤ 3MPa;

Temperature -200°C + 650°C


Axial seal (inside/outside) in PTFE/Compounds with energizing OR for static applications or angular movements.

Technical data:

Pressure <80MPa;

Temperature -45°C + 200°C


Double-acting seal in Polyurethane for slow angular and rotating applications. Low friction coefficient and high wear and extrusion resistance, excellent resistance to low and high pressures. Technical data:
PxV Rotary <6,5MPa x m/s;
Pressure <30MPa;
Temperature -30°C +100°C


Double-acting  seal in PTFE/Compound with energizing OR for rotary or roto-sliding movements. FDA/EU executions.

Technical data:

Speed <2m/s;

Pressure <30MPa;

Temperature -45°C + 200°C


Sealing ring in PTFE/Compound for single-acting effect for rotary applications. The contact with the counter-surface is activated only by the pressure differential.

Technical data:

PxV Rotating <10MPa x m/s;

Pressure <35MPa;

Temperature -40°C + 160°C


Homogeneous seal in PTFE/Compound with sealing lips with memory effect for rotary and roto-sliding applications. FDA/EU executions.

Technical data:

Speed <2.5m/s;

Pressure <2MPa;

Temperature -40°C + 220°C

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