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To improve comfort on board yachts and ships, Pantecnica® has developed specialized technical skills to design and supply effective systems to mitigate both structural and secondary airborne noise in cabins and on deck. The wide range of certified anti-vibration systems, also in the tear-proof version, can meet every application requirement to improve onboard comfort. Furthermore, […]

Italy’s historical heritage new allies: Pantecnica® and Phononic Vibes

Cultural heritage is protected thanks to NoViDamp® panels made by Pantecnica and Phononic Vibes Between 3% and 5% of turnover is the share that Pantecnica invests in Research and Development, believing in new projects and patents, in particular by cooperating with Politecnico di Milano, but also with other research bodies and institutions. The themes of […]

Pantecnica® is confirmed as an ethical, transparent and with proper business management

With reference to the certification of its modus operandi by the AGCM (the Italian Competition and Market Authority), we are pleased to announce that in 2023 Pantecnica® has improved its rating compared to the previous assessment, and has achieved the score of “2 stars++” out of a maximum obtainable of three stars. This concise indicator […]

The third dimension of transport

Hybrid Electric Vertical Short Take-Off and Landing (Hevstol) aircraft and vertiports enabling environmentally friendly point-to-point connections, intra-city and inter-city, decongesting inter-regional and partly urban car traffic. Vehicles capable of optimizing travel times, reducing fuel consumption. This is not science fiction, but the reality of the third dimension or Advanced Air Mobility, which will characterize the […]

Our project design is now certified

We are pleased to announce that Pantecnica®, always attentive to its customers’ needs, has finally decided to highlight the work done by its Technical Support, and has implemented its quality management system by including the design of goods and services in its certification scope. Download the new certificate

Pantecnica supports Progetti del cuore

The “Progetti del Cuore” portal brings together the efforts of companies and individuals who work to facilitate the Public Administration and local associations in providing free mobility services, especially to the weaker segments of the population, but also, more generally, to women, children, the elderly (and animals). Thanks to the experience gained by the companies […]

Legality Rating 2021

Pantecnica® is assessed as an ethical, transparent company with proper business management. A new important milestone for Pantecnica SpA, regarding the certification of its business model. For 2021, Pantecnica has in fact achieved the score of “2 stars+ “out of a maximum obtainable of three stars and has been included in the public list of […]

1000 Blue bubbles

Exploiting a wall of bubbles created by a porous tube and an air pump to keep the hull of the boat clean and free from algae, linemen, and mollusks. This, briefly, is the aim of BubbleBoat®, the new Pantecnica® patent. This patent comes a year after SonicBoat®, the ultrasound antifouling system created and patented by […]

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